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Refurbish Your Home with an Addition or Remodel in Cheyenne, WY

Whether you decide it’s time for a new change in your home’s décor or circumstances require that there be an addition to your existing home, Amundson, Inc. is here to help. For over 15 years, we’ve helped customers with their remodeling and home additions.

Remodeling can be a wonderful way to freshen up, modernize, and increase the home value of the home. Whether you’re considering a bathroom, kitchen, or entire home remodel, we can help assist with the design and will see the project through to completion.

Additions are a great way to provide that extra space, whether it’s for a growing family or simply a new exercise room. Amundson, Inc. can help you decide where to add the addition and will fit in the addition as seamlessly as possible with the existing home.

We start with a consultation visit to understand your needs, preferences, and budget range. Within those parameters, we’ll provide a product that will make you proud. Just as we do with our custom homes, we dedicate ourselves to the same level of commitment and detail to remodeling and additions.

All of our builders are licensed and insured. Call us today at our office in Cheyenne, WY at 307-634-9593.

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